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Amateur & Professional Dancing

Dancers who decide not to enter Medalist competitions can under the supervision of a dance teacher or school, compete in Open Competitions without taking Medal exams and are known as Open Competitors.

Open circuit competition include levels from Beginners through to and including Professional. However up to Pre Championship level routines are restricted to the British Dance Council (BDC) syllabi but can contain a combination of techniques from such organisations as ISTD, IDTA, UKA, NATD and WDSF etc.

For more info refer to the BDC Rule Book.

Open Amateur competitors can choose from the following levels:

Beginner – Restricted syllabus
Novice – Restricted syllabus
Intermediate – Restricted syllabus
Pre-Champ – Unrestricted syllabus
Championship – Unrestricted syllabus
International Championship – Unrestricted syllabus
When an individual or couple feel they no longer wish to compete as Amateurs they can choose to move into the Professional competitive rankings where they are encouraged to take their professional teaching qualifications so that they may legally fulfil their roles as professionals by running a dance business including teaching, performing, judging etc.

Amateur dancers can decide to move into the professional rankings when they feel they have reached their limit as an amateur dancer. Professional qualifications are only essential if the dancer wants to teach.

There are also other competition circuits with a variety of levels and rules such as:

Supadance Open Series
Same Sex
Pro-Am (Professional dancing with an Amateur)
Competitive dancers generally compete in the following age ranges:

• Juvenile: 5 up to and including 11
• Junior: 12 to 15
• Adult: 16 to 34
• Senior 1: 35 to 49
• Senior 2: 50 and above